Prissi (prissi) wrote in bpal_bunnehs,

Small sale. o_o

Raising moneys so I can tell Emma I can buy her DVD burner. I could swear I had a lot more that I wasn't using, but I have a bunch of other stuff on hold o_o

Mercury ($4)

GC ($2.75 each)
Drink Me
Kitsune-Tsuki (half-imp, so $1.50)

can decant from:
(support volunteer exclusive) Snow Angel (I can spare 1 imp - $13 was about the price I saw >_<)
Milk Moon 2007 ($3.75)
Yemaya ($2.75)

for support volunteers, current and past -- shipping is free if you're in the US, and if international, I'll be happy to split the cost. <3
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I'd go for a decant of milk moon and yemaya. :)
okies. I forgot to mention that I can't do CC paypal, is that okay with you? :D
Yep, that's fine!
(Err..oops.. I thought this was a different community when replying to the original post. Sorry.)
Hee, that's perfectly okay! I'm still willing to make the sale, to be honest, my offer of free shipping was to my friends. Since I hadn't specified that, and shipping is just another dollar anyway, it's not a big deal. :D

It'll be $6.50 to prissi at gmail dot com and I'll be shipping it out either tomorrow or Tuesday. :D
hello! I have non-cc Paypal now, so I'd quite like Dirty and Drink Me, but instead of Kitsune-Tsuki which I said before, could I have Mercury? I'm not sure how much you'd like for shipping, but it comes to £9.50 without, so would an extra £1.50 to bring it to £11 be enough?
*eyes you* are you literally willing to pay me in pounds? ;P the prices are in dollars. *g*

I'm honestly not sure how much shipping would be, so I'm going to check with Ascii to see how she packaged it to get it through, because they're more strict internationally. ^_^;; Otherwise, I'm fine with that, yea!
she says that shipping should be fine my normal way, so really, since I said I'd split shipping with you, $10 is fine. change the currency to US dollars *g*

Oops! $10 it is, sent to prissi at gmail dot com. Thank you :)
And again, further oops for accidentally posting that anonymously the first time. I thought I'd stopped it before it went through, but obviously not... *headdesk*
Hehehee it's all good. It's all packaged and ready to go as soon as I can get my butt down to the post office!
Hey, just wanted to let you know the BPAL arrived today - thanks very much for the extras! :)
awesome! I'm sooo glad it arrived safely :D


May 23 2007, 21:06:52 UTC 9 years ago

Oops! $10 it is, sent to prissi at gmail dot com. Thank you :)