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BPAL review post, plus decant circle bumpage.

First of all: I need to know ASAP whether folks are interested in the Black Moon decants. As of right now, I have one signup, and it's looking very much like the full circle is not going to happen due to the lack of interest. Please see this post for more information.

Second of all: what can we do to make the quiet ones among you feel comfortable posting and commenting? I feel like we mods are talking too much here and there's no discussion otherwise. :/

Harvest Moon '06. Lab's description says: This Harvest Moon oil is a merging of autumnal scents from all over the globe: chrysanthemum, pomegranate, cane sugar and dusty wheat, sorghum, green tea leaf, rice flower and rice milk, Russian sage, bamboo shoot, elderberry, black cherry, wild plum, red haw, hazelnut, red apple and shagbark hickory.

In the imp, I mostly get the plum and pomegranate, with just a bit of apple peeking through.

On my skin: the first stages of this turn into a lovely apple cider scent, which is so warm and comforting. Later on, the plum comes back, with some cherry and pomegranate around the edges. I love both stages of this, and I'm sort of keeping my eyes peeled for a bottle.


Sudha Segara. Lab's description says: Sweet milk and warm, healing ginger with a touch of golden honey and our blend of Ambrosia.

I was right when I tested this the first time, in that it was getting drowned out by everything else on my skin that I was testing at the time. On its own, though? This is very nice. Understated, but warm and just a little bit spicy from the ginger. My friend Lauren recommended this to me as a nice "work-safe" scent, and I agree with her on that. (I should make a list of work-recommended scents sometime.)


Et Lux Fuit. Lab's description says: ...we present a big ol’ bottle of sunny, happy, bounciness -- a golden blend with a celebratory feel, promoting joy, peace, and a sense of comfort and well-being: golden amber, heliotrope, vanilla musk, carnation, daisy and sunflower bouquet, neroli, lemon peel, ylang ylang and honeycomb.

The best description I can think of for this is "summer in a bottle". It's all sunlight and flowers and warm air. I'm getting lots of the heliotrope, daisy, and ylang-ylang, with some warmth coming through from the vanilla and amber. It dries down to a soft, very warm scent. I adore this.
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